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Specialized Overseas Shipping (SOS Shipping) is a U.S based company and has been in the shipping & logistics industry for over a decade. SOS provides both, containerized cargo as well as RORO ocean freight. To facilitate such services, our dispatch and booking teams have developed immense knowledge of Inland transportation from point of purchase to the nearest sailing port. SOS is well known for quality expedited service while maintaining well balanced competitive rates.

Our unique location in Detroit, Michigan allows our clients to comfortably purchase from the Midwest region of the U.S. Such cargo can be either moved directly to east coast ports or brought into our Detroit facility for a later transfer, depending on the vehicle’s and weather conditions. SOS books and delivers to all U.S RORO ports and is affiliated with warehouses for container loading in port cities, such as Miami, Savannah, New Jersey, Houston, and Los Angeles. We also have a branch office in Montreal, Canada for RORO service across the border via U.S. East Coast ports. Please check our Agents Page for more information.

While SOS Shipping provides ocean freight services all over the world, we have developed extraordinary experience with destinations, such as West Africa and the Middle East. In addition to Beirut and Dubai, SOS Shipping has exclusive agents in Lagos, Cotonou, and Lome. With the exception of Lome, customers may choose to pay Freight Collect at either of the above destinations. Our designated agents will facilitate freight collection as well as consignees assistance.

SOS staff is highly trained and encouraged to directly interact with customers to understand their needs and tendencies. While appreciating the value of growth and technology, we continue to put great emphasis on the human element of business conduct. We always value service and constantly seeking client satisfaction. All of us at SOS relish the challenge,  try us!

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